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6th United Traditional Taekwon-Do Academy Championship 2014

United Traditional Taekwon-Do Academy (UTTA) hosted their annual closed Taekwon-Do Championship on Sunday, 6th July 2014 at the hall of Chong Cheng Chinese Primary School, Sg. Ara, Penang. The event was organised by Sabum-Nim Alvin Aw and assisted by his black belt students as judges and referees. This is the 6th Championship held since 2006.

Black Belt grading June 14th 2014

On June 14th, four students from Master John Garrett’s TaeKwonDo School from Utica, NY traveled to International HQ for their 1st degree and 2nd degree black belt tests. Three students advanced to their 2nd degree black belt and one student received their 1st degree black belt.

Black Belt testing May 24, 2014

Starting on the left we have Peter Tiseo 2nd Dan, Bobby Lumia 1st Dan, John Vit, assistant 4th Dan, Peri Alenxandrapoulos 5th Dan Black and Grand Master Lim, 9th Dan black belt examiner. Next Pierre Morin 1st Dan, Richard Tremblay 4th Dan and Francesco Lepore 2nd Dan. The honor of receiving a black belt whether

Arctic Seminar 26th & 27th, April, Tromsø-Norway

On the April 26th & 27th, . Grand Master James Lim 9th Dan, Presented an Advanced two day TaeKwonDo seminar in Tromsø-Norway. From the first bow, the students were impressed by Grand Master Lim and his simple style of teaching. He awed them with his demonstrations, his ability to maintain speed and accuracy of movement

UTTA Taekwon-Do Demonstration During 2013 Year End Count Down

On Tuesday, 31st December, 2013, UTTA United Traditional Taekwon-Do Academy participated in another Taekwon-Do demonstration during the year end count down celebration at IJM Promenade. IJM Promenade is a new sea front where the famous WATER UBAH bird is located. This was at the invitation of N30 Sungai Pinang State Assemblywoman, Ms Lim Siew Khim. The event was patronised by Penang Chief Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng.

TaeKwondo hall of fame

Picture speaks for all in 1973, when I was 3rd Dan I competed in the TaeKwonDo, Kung Fu & Karate open championship in Ontario, Canada. Those days we didn’t wear safety punch or kick only bare hands full contact on the body, & kick to the head, what an experience to win first place in Pattern (Tul) & first place in free sparring. Praised God, He allowed me to work day by day till where I am today.

UTTA Demonstration during the “Pesta Tanglung” (Lantern Ceremony)

On Saturday, 14th September 2013, UTTA United Traditional Taekwon-Do Academy was again invited by N23 Air Putih State Legislative Assembly (<em>KADUN N23</em>) for another Taekwon-Do demonstration during the “Lantern Festival” (Malay: <em>”Pesta Tanglung”</em>). Unlike the earlier demonstration which was for a Malay festival, this is a Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

BUTF Summer Training Camp

The BUTF summer training camp was held from 21 to 30 August 2013.Leaders to the event were Sabum Nim B. Atanasov VI Dan, Sabum Nim M. Trifonov IV Dan, Sabum Nim K. Kukushev IV Dan and Bo Sabum Nim Dan E. Kostadinova III Dan.The participants performed two workouts each day.The day began with a run on the beach, and technical development, which continued even into the hotel pool.The camp was a great success celebrating

Grandmaster Lim to be inducted to the Official Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame!

On 15 and 16 June 2013 was held a second Advanced Taekwon-Do International seminar in Bulgaria. The seminar was led by Grand Master Lim, 9 Dan. The Grand Master was assisted by Master Ivan Tsachev 7 Dan – Chairman of ATN – Norway. Grand Master Lim impress all with excellent form and skills by performing

UTTA Taekwon-Do Championships

The 5th United Traditional Taekwon-Do Academy (UTTA) Taekwon-Do Closed Championship 2013 were held on 13th July, 2013 at the school hall of Chong Cheng Primary School, Sg Ara, Penang. The tournament this year had 155 participants and 19 Black Belt Officials.