Affiliated to International TaeKwonDo Federation (Gen. Choi Hong Hi founder itf )

Lightning Family Martial Arts

On the weekend of November 15th & 16th, rx Lightning Family Martial Arts played host to Grandmaster James Lim IXth Degree Black Belt and President of the Advanced TaeKwon-Do International Federation for a two day pattern, order sparring and self-defense seminar. It was a fantastic weekend of training with one of the pioneers of TaeKwon-Do. On Saturday morning GM Lim held a Color Belt Session, pilule which led into an afternoon Black Belt Pattern Session. On Sunday, the Black Belt seminar continued with sparring and self defense. 

During the seminar Grandmaster Lim promoted Mr. and Mrs. Howes to their next Dan Black Belts. Mr. Howes was promoted to 6th Degree Black Belt and Mrs, Howes to 5th Degree Black Belt. Truly an honor to receive their ranks from such a high ranking Grandmaster in the TaeKwon-Do community. 

A dinner was planned on Saturday evening with the senior adult members of LFMA with Grandmaster Lim where everyone had a fantastic time speaking and spending time with the Grandmaster. 

All in all it was a fantastic weekend of true TaeKwon-Do, learning and spending time with one of the few original Grandmasters of the Art.

See below for Pictures from the event.