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“MILESTONE” – September 22 & 23, 2018

“MILESTONE” – 22nd & 23rd September 2018

T.K.D brothers & sisters from Penang Taekwon-Do Association had a great & superb learning and training Session in a “seminar” conducted by a Malaysia born pioneer taekwondoist and founding member of Penang Taekwon-Do Association (P.T.P.P), Grand Master James Lim…………..T.K.D brothers and sisters were extremely happy to be able to learn from this epitome very senior martial artist, and foremost T.K.D teacher. Feedback from participants and the smile and joy they had on their faces dictate that they are more than satisfied. They also confirmed that the two days Sessions, of the seminar is very much different from the other seminars that they have attended….and the ambience of the seminar was awesome!

And it is also a “milestone” of my 49 years journey in martial arts, in particularly Taekwon-Do. I am honored and humbled to earn recognition and promotion to 9th Dan Black Belt from this very senior and pioneer taekwondoist. Also with me are two of my fellow brothers from Penang Taekwon-Do Association……Master M. Nagenthiren and Master Phang Sim Faat, both were graded and promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt by Grand Master James Lim. Taekwon!

By GM Steven Ng