Advanced International TaeKwon-Do Federation (Gen. Choi Hong Hi founder ITF.)

About Us


is built on the foundation laid down by the late General Choi Hong Hi, prostate who transformed traditional ways of blocking, sick punching and kicking into the highly popular modern martial art form known as TaeKwon-Do.

The movements, techniques and rules set down by the late Gen Choi, are also suitable for sport, competition and younger people.Just as an oak tree never stops growing, we need to continue learning and upgrading. In Advanced TaeKwon-Do, after 45 years of continuously training and learning from many great Grand Masters of the world, who kindly and generously shared their skills, expertises and insights in different styles and systems of martial arts, it was truly enlightening that we got the opportunity to know and understand the deadly combat moves graciously hidden in routine forms and patterns that martial artists practice daily.

These hidden moves are simple yet take a long time to digest and assimilate. What Grandmaster Lim has learnt from the past has helped him to progress forward and manage to transform all the hidden moves in TaeKwon-Do into obvious tactics that Gen Choi had hidden and envisioned.

Grandmaster Lim incorporates energy, dynamic (powerful yet subtle), biomechanical movements (explosive yet easy on the joints) and agile stances (stable yet responsive) into existing TaeKwon-Do training programs.

The aim is to create an effective combat system that is highly suitable for self defence, personal, mental and physical development and best of all, allows practitioners to continue the advanced training into their senior age without worrying about damage to their joints and muscles.

The techniques taught in Advanced TaeKwon-Do are constantly evolving as a true martial art is a dynamic system that grows continuously.